1.4は中国人の38A氏作成の非公式版。 クローズドソースです。



Engine Updates

  • Added the GFX expansion feature. A single object in the game can now have up to 65536 different GFXs. Tiles, scenes, paths, levels, blocks, backgrounds, NPCs and effects are all supported.
   -From now on, there won't be any objects with the same function but different GFXs (like re-colored versions of a block) in a new update. You can manually add them using this feature.
    -Objects with this feature enabled will show a GFX-selection window in the editor when selected. Click on the icons in the window to make your choice.
    -You can drag the window to a proper place or double-click its status bar to minimize it if you find it disturbing.
  • Updated the script engine.


  • ブロック設定ですりぬけ坂、一方通行ブロックを作れるようになった。
  • NPCとプレイヤーで違う設定のブロックが作れるようになった。
  • Adjusted the physics of slopes.
  • You can now customize the graphics and physics of blocks. Added the Custom-Block Editor with a GUI, Right-click the icon of the object to open the customization window.
  • You can now stretch the graphics of a single block in the level.
  • Added the 'name' property for blocks.
  • Added advanced settings for the contents of blocks. Right-click the content picture to reveal them.


  • NPCエディター追加。右クリックで編集できます。
  • The GFX expansion feature for NPCs is disabled by default and you can enable it in the Custom-NPC Editor.
  • NPCコード追加
  • Added the 'name' property for NPCs.
  • パラシュート(SMW)追加、NPCにくっつけるとフワフワと落ちます。
  • ベビーヨッシー(SMW)追加。設定でいくつ敵を食べれば成長するかを決められます。
  • ポールゴール(SMB)追加。
  • ミニクリボー追加 (SMB3)。まとわりつかれると移動速度が落ちる。
  • カメック追加 (SMW).
  • Added an option in the Advanced NPC Settings panel for Nipper Plants to turn them to Fire Nipper Plants.
  • Add an option for Piranha Plants to turn them to Ice Piranha Plants.
  • Add an option for Fire Bros to turn them to Ice Bros. You'll use the GFX expansion feature to set their GFXs, though.
  • SMB2爆弾の爆破範囲と時間を設定可能になった。.


  • Added two-way warps.
  • 土管に入ると、プレイヤーを発射する機能を追加された。You can set the projection range.


  • You can now customize the properties of backgrounds. Right-click the icon of the object to open the customization window.


  • You can now customize the properties of tiles, scenes and levels. Right-click the icon of the object to open the customization window.
  • Added Game Over Level settings.


  • 壁キックができるようになった。special eventsで設定可能
  • Added SMB3 power-up system. You can enable it in special events.
  • You can now add Yoshi eggs to the world map inventory.
  • You can now customize the properties of effects. Find the panel in the Advanced Level Settings.
  • Made the tools in the editor more accurate when drawing lines and rectangles.
  • Added a debug window for to show the debug information outputted by scripts.
  • With light system enabled, the lighted area of players now shrink when they die instead of disappearing instantly.
  • Added a quick way to select the contents of blocks. Left-click the picture box.
  • You can now select objects. Switch the edit mode to 'Selection' and use Rectangle, Line or Circle tools and then you can drag-drop objects.
  • Adjusted the limit of triggering times in a single frame for several Autorun events.
  • Added triggering parameters for Autorun events.
  • You can now make your levels(not episodes) read-only, which means that they can still be opened and played but no longer modified.
   -You can set multiple permissions for the level, like permissions to cheat, view scripts, observe the level and so on.
    -The process will encrypt the graphic files and text files but not the music files.
    -A 256-byte key will be generated right after the encryption. You can use the key to decrypt the level.
    -You can specify a full access key and anyone who has it will grant the permission to view all contents of the level.
Added inter-process communication features based on memory mapping for developers. After opening a level using command lines, developers can now use specific methods to tell the game to perform special tasks.
   *The standard of inter-process communication can be found at ________
Added 'something interesting' to the editor


  • Fixed the bug in the script engine that may lead to illegal memory access.
  • Fixed the bug in the script engine that may cause 'subscript out of range' crashes when there are syntax errors in a script.
  • Fixed the bug in the script engine associated with the system language that may cause 'subscript out of range' crashes.
  • Fixed errors with the auto paint tool when you place slopes.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the auto-save function.
  • Fixed the bug that level names in packed maps become case-sensitive, also removed automation errors occurring when packing certain maps.
  • Slightly adjusted and optimized the game's physics.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs that have ever existed for a long time.

  • 最終更新:2016-11-29 00:11:53